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PENLERT DE FLEUR are all about roses.

We are an importer, seller, and designer passionate about roses.


We import exclusive and excellent roses and use only quality roses to ensure our customer's happiness.


Everything started with the couple, the co-founders, who questioned, "In Thailand, Why are there no beautiful roses that we can celebrate happiness every day like the other countries?".

Since 2017, PENLERT DE FLEUR, with the slogan "Rose for Happy", has been established to import exclusive roses that everyone can use to decorate their personal spaces and events or send as a gift.

Then, in 2022, the company expanded the unit as a designer for rose bouquets and rose vases to serve customers who want to celebrate every day with their special persons.

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What makes PENLERT DE FLEUR excellent?

We are passionate about roses for happiness.

Rose is not just a flower. For us, a rose is a happiness. We aim to confirm our customers’ happiness through our beautiful roses and our specialization.


We are partners with certified growers.

Only quality roses from quality growers will be imported. They are the growers that must qualify for the standard of global organizations.

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We are the biggest hub of roses, including scented and exclusive varieties.

We have more than 100 varieties of roses with numerous fragrant roses (natural scents) that you can smell safely. We believe that you will be happy seeing and smelling our roses. Moreover, we have an exclusive collection of David Austin (English roses) and Wabara (Japanese roses), the world’s finest roses you buy daily.

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